Welcome to the Navigator Mk2 Driving Bar

The iconic Navigator Mk2 just became more exciting. Designed and built by our legendary Peak Lighting heritage, the Mk2 Navigator is more reliable and durable. Millions of oscillation tests, thousands of hours testing and hundreds of variations crowns the Navigator with a lifetime warranty.


Going back to the drawing board is fine, if you have nothing worth keeping.

Continuing on from the success of the Mk2’s predecessor, we have raised the bar again. Featuring 27% gain of projection through optical engineering, superb electromagnetic and radio interference suppression and automotive specification components for ultra-longevity, the Navigator Mk2 may be the last driving bar you ever buy

The statement for durabilty.

The concept was simple, durability. Our engineers have reviewed every element of the design to ensure technology can withstand function. Attention has focused upon seals and mechanical connections, ensuring dust and water never permeate. 316 Stainless Steel hardened fasteners and a Makrolon lens ensure special use, ultra violet and galvanic corrosion are no match.

Effortless light projection.

The Navigator Mk2 features 27% more light projection than its predecessor, effortlessly. No efforts were spared in the engineering of the circuitry and optical reflectors. We source the most efficient automotive specification components from Japan to ensure there is only the necessary amount of components, thus significantly reducing heat.
To allow the circuitry to be as efficient as possible, we have increased the capacitors and upgraded the IC drivers to allow to continuous current flow. Intelligent circuitry allows the Navigator Mk2 to thermally stabilise promptly which significantly increasing the thermal and output efficiency, allowing peak performance for longer.
Designed with LightSYNC Technology
Two Trunnion Channel Mounts
Lifetime Replacement Warranty
10w 5800K XM-L2 CREE LEDs
6° Full Width Spot / 30° Flood Combination
IP68 – Water Proof up to 3 meters
8.8G Shock Rated
Multi Volt 9-36V
Shatter Proof Bayer Makrolon Lens
6061 Aluminium
Reverse Polarity Protection
EMC and RFI Protection – CISPR25

Navigator 20

  • 4.52 amp
  • 424mm / 20 inch
  • Lifetime Warranty

Navigator 24

  • 6.84 amp
  • 612mm / 24 Inch
  • Lifetime Warranty

Navigator 32

  • 9.04 amp
  • 800mm / 32 Inch
  • Lifetime Warranty

Navigator 40

  • 11.18 amp
  • 988mm / 40 inch
  • Lifetime Warranty