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We’ve combined the world’s best engineers in our Peak Lighting facility to develop the most efficient and reliable LED Driving Light in the world. Drawing 35% less power and performing 30% better than it’s predecessor, the HyperDrive Mk2 now gives you even more opportunity to arrive safely.

They are insane when it comes to usable light output at long distances which in my line of work, is a must.

So, I’ve just made the switch from the top of the line Hella LED candles to the new HyperDrive Mk2. As a person that does at least 75% of my driving at night, it was a no brainer to switch to Livid’s new lights. They are insane when it comes to usable light output at long distances which in my line of work, is a must.
At around 64 tonne every night, it’s key that I’m able to see what’s up in front of me as the roads we run tend to get alot of wildlife wandering around at night. We can’t just stand on the pedal and stop like a car can, being able to see obstacles from a further distance allows me more time to come up with a plan of attack. Whether it be avoiding pot holes or wandering livestock, the new HyperDrive mk2’s have got that covered. I have recommended these lights to alot of other truckies that I know that run to central QLD and the Northern Territory.
I have had LightForce lights and Fyrlyt Nemisis 9000 lights and to be honest, they aren’t even remotely in the same ball park as my new Mk2’s. I was on the fence when the lights first came out and was sceptical about a few things but I had a good yap on the phone one night with Dan from Livid. He answered even the most trivial questions and assured me I would fall in love with his lights and he was not lying!
On ‘D’ day, I was like a fat kid in a cake shop! I could not wait to get my lights and there is defiantly no going back. I’m wrapped in the output of usable light they project and I’m one very happy customer. Big thanks to Dan at Livid Lighting and Rowan and the boys at Wolf 4×4 for making the transition from candles on my bullbar to the most unreal lights I’ve ever owned!

Keith Ansford

Keith AnsfordProfessional Truck Driver - DBH Freight

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