Built For Australia's Toughest

We Focus On Building The Finest Luminaries, So You Can Get Out There And Explore!

The combination of the latest technologies, highest standards and unmistakable design
deliver a world-class driving experience to help you reach your destination safely.


You’re Spoilt For Choice

The performance of Livid’s gear is every match for their visual appeal. They reach beyond statistics and enter the real world of colour rendering, long-range projection and smooth gradients.


Industrial Engineering

We get it, you want something that will stand the test of time. Something dependable. We’ve engineered our products for ultimate endurance; we understand the importance of vision and visibility at night.


Protect What Matters Most

Be at ease. Increase your reaction time and distinguish potential hazards well ahead of time. We believe the night should be as safe as the day.


See Things As They Are 

We’ve integrated LED’s to make you feel like you’re driving in daylight. Unmatched colour rendering LED’s introduce new levels of vibrancy, putting life back into your night driving experience.

Learn About Our LightSYNC Technology

We’re committed to setting the standards with our relentless pursuit and delivery of the latest LED technology